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Artisanal food encompasses breads, cheeses, fruit preserves, cured meats, beverages, oils, and vinegars that are made by hand using traditional methods by skilled craftworkers, known as food artisans. The foodstuff material from farmers and backyard growers can include fruit, grains and flours, milks for cheese, cured meats, fish, beverages, oils, and vinegars. The movement is focused on providing farm to fork type foods with locally sourced products that benefit the consumer, small scale growers and producers, and the local economy.

Artisanal Foods

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Bread and baked goods – made with traditional baking techniques, equipment and ingredients.

Pizza – cooked using old-fashioned methods such as wood-fired outdoor ovens, and featuring artisanal toppings.

Cheese – produced by hand with methods that have been in-use for maybe hundreds of years.

Jams, chutneys and fruit preserves – using very traditional methods of storing fresh fruit and vegetables.

Pickled vegetables – another old-fashioned approach to preserving food.

Cured meats – organically and sustainably produced meat products prepared using established drying, curing and flavouring techniques.

Oils and vinegars – made from traditionally-farmed products and produced by hand.

Coffee beans and granules – traditional, hand-roasted and prepared in small batches. Read our blog post What is artisan coffee? Who roasts it and why it’s so smooth

Drinks – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes using artisan ingredients and small batch, heritage production techniques.

Ice Cream – Made by hand or in the home and often found in a variety of flavours.


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