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The Heart of Food Lovers First Bio Yoga – Teaching intelligently, mindfully and compassionately.

This would aim to create awareness and strength in the physical body, focus and playful curiosity in the mind, and presence and compassion in the heart. You will practice with greater specificity, commitment, and patience. Your practice and teaching will inspire both physical and mental fitness, creating a steadiness and depth of attention that leads effortlessly to mindfulness and peace.

The Core Modules And Structure Of The Course:

  1. Introduction
  2. Review
  3. Developing Your Teaching Style
  4. Yin Yoga
  5. Yin Postures
  6. Sequencing a Yin Class
  7. History and Philosophy Part 1
  8. Honouring Yoga’s Roots
  9. Advanced Asana
  10. Guided Classes 1
  11. Assisting
  12. History and Philosophy Part 2
  13. Advanced Anatomy
  14. Guided Class 2
  15. Yoga Nidra
  16. Ayurveda
  17. Guided Classes 3
  18. Advanced Pranayama
  19. Musculoskeletal Conditions
  20. Business of Yoga
  21. Assessments
  22. There will be other topics explored via interactive calls and group discussions (Webinars)

All these subjects on this course would give the foundations to deliver a high quality and safe yoga teaching practice. There will be other topics explored via interactive calls and group discussions.

The core modules and structure of these modules are as follows:

  1. Understanding Yoga
  2. Standing Postures
  3. Seated Postures
  4. Inverted Postures
  5. Restorative Postures
  6. Supine and Prone Postures
  7. Sun Salutations
  8. Teaching (Foundations)
  9. Teaching a yoga class
  10. Structuring a class
  11. Pranayama and Meditation
  12. Anatomy, Philosophy and Adjustments
  13. History and Philosophy
  14. Chakras

Module Breakdown for Yin Yoga:

  1. Introduction to Yin Yoga and its philosophy
  2. What is traditional Chinese medicine?
  3. Understanding the differences between Yin and Yang styles of Yoga
  4. What is Fascia and how does Yin Yoga affect this?
  5. In-depth video tutorials of 24 postures with a yoga teacher
  6. Posture modifications and best practices
  7. Learn how to sequence, adjust and use props within the Yin Yoga class
  8. Understanding the importance of the Meridians of the body
  9. Biomechanics of Yin Yoga

18 Videos Organized Into 6 Chapters In The Course

This will include lectures, demonstrations, asana, practices and meditations to elevate your ability to teach using this sophisticated methodology. There will also be worksheets for clients to receive that have illustrations as well as quizzes designed to enhance the learning experience.

    • Introduction and Welcome (Lecture)
    • Forward Bending (1 Lecture, 1 Demonstration, 2 Practices, 1 Quiz, 1 Assignment)
    • Femurs Descending (1 Lecture, 1 Demonstration, 2 Practices, 1 Assignment)
    • Feet as foundation (1 Lecture, 1 Demonstration, 2 Practices, 1 Assignment)
    • Cultivating Arms as Roots (1 Lecture, 1 Demonstration, 2 Practices, 1 Assignment)
    • Wrap Up (1 Lecture)

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Different styles of Yoga and Pilates at Food Lovers First Bio




Yin Yoga


Vinyasa Yoga


Hatha Yoga



The main objective of this advanced course is for participants to achieve a deeper holistic understanding of yoga and further evolve their own and their student’s physical practice and outlook on life. Being an advanced teacher training course, this programme encourages self-enquiry (a deep exploration into your personal layers) as well as integrating teachings, theory and practice to provide holistic views. The main focus is on Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga; Customers will be able to deepen their own practice on a physical, mental and spiritual level by gaining insight and an appreciation for the yogic path. Modules are progressive, each building upon the work from previous modules, which support a pace of learning that enables students to integrate practices into their own physical practice and also into their teachings.

Our programme not only focuses on the advanced physical elements of yoga but also centres on reconnecting to our deepest resources of self-awareness, empathy, and spirted motivation. It is a transformative journey that enables students to further their passions as a teacher would.

All modules will be studied online at your own pace with the support from lecturers, peers, webinars and interactive calls.

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